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Okay so I have a BUNCH of projects. erk! I promissed a commission of scarves..
First one: combo of sky blue, black and white.
Second one: any colors, but also preferred greens and browns...

not sure what stitches I ought to use. Any suggestions? Also having trouble with keeping stockinette from curling, so yeah. Can you iron it? how can you get it to not curl?

Also getting good headway on my monarch scarf. I shall be done soon and hopefully I'll be able to figure out the crocheted butterfly part. My suitemate crochetes, so I can ask her, maybe. I'll take photos of the green base, once I finished it.

Also excited to work on my new scarf project: the white skulls one. OMFG!

One good thing about feeling ill is that you're being confined to bedchambers and boredom, so you're forced to knit for lack of anything else to do to amuse! XD
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